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Membership Information for New and Current CNMI Bar Members






In accordance with Article Six, Section 3 of the Bylaws of the Northern Marianas Bar Association, notice is hereby given that your annual membership fees for fiscal year 2024 are due by Tuesday, January 2, 2024.

Article Six, Section 1, with reference to annual membership fees, is included below for your reference:

Section 1. Annual Membership Fees.
A. Active, Temporary and Inactive Members. Annual fees are determined based on active, temporary, or inactive status:
Active/Temporary    $250.00
Inactive                     $150.00
B. Earmarking of Fees. Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) of each member’s paid membership fees shall be donated by the Bar Association to the Marianas Office of Micronesian Legal Services to support legal services to the indigent in the CNMI. Provided that no such donation shall be made for a member paying a pro-rated amount for first annual membership.

This is a courtesy notice. Failure to receive this notice shall not excuse the non-payment of membership fees by a member by January 2, 2024.

Please make your check payable to Northern Marianas Bar Association and mail it to PO Box 504539, Saipan, MP 96950. The Bar Office’s Chalan Kanoa location is now open. All communications may continue to be directed to the Bar email above listed. You may also drop payment to the following two physical locations: 

1.    Law Office of Charity R. Hodson
Location: 5962 Plata Drive, Chalan Kiya. Attn: Bar President Charity Hodson
2.    Marianas Legal Strategy Group, LLC
Location: Security Title Building, 2nd Floor, Isa Drive, Capitol Hill. Attn: Bar Vice President Sean Frink

Credit card payments and online payments are not currently accepted. If you receive a communication asking for online payment, please report it to the Bar. Office pickups are no longer available. Please do not send cash through the mail. A Membership Form is posted for your convenience and must be filled out completely. Please note that a Certificate of Good Standing is required if you are changing your status from inactive to active. 


Please also note that each attorney is individually responsible for timely payment. Government vouchers are not an acceptable form of payment. If you elect to have your dues paid by a government agency and the payment is not timely received, the Bar Association will not grant an extension. Additionally, the Bar Association will apply late fees to payments not timely received. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Charity Hodson

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